With California’s budget still in a crisis, it was inevitable that the new Governor would search desperately for places to cut. And it was inevitable that all the old favorites would be targeted. This means that higher education is on the chopping block again, with a proposed $1.4 billion in budget cuts.  The UC and CSU systems will each face $500 million in state funding cuts, while the community college network can expect another $400 million in cuts.

“Higher education is the state’s main economic driver, and we cannot improve our economy without an educated workforce,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. UC Chancellor Mark Yudoff pointed out that while state support for students has declined by 57 percent over the past twenty years, “The cost of producing a credit hour actually has decreased. It’s the students’ co-pay, if you will, that has risen.” Both Chancellors said that they will work closely with the state legislatures, their boards, and their faculties, to minimize the impact of the cuts on students.
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