It’s been over a decade since the Warriors played in San Jose, and even then it was only temporary. Now rumors are buzzing, however, that Larry Ellison wants to buy the New Orleans Hornets and move them to the city. The move would be much easier than bringing the Giants or the A’s to town. San Jose already has the HP Pavilion, and there was talk this summer of Ellison bringing the Warriors back to town. That deal fell apart when Joseph Lacob outbid him bought the Warriors for a record-breaking $450 million.

Ellison confirmed that he has made an offer to the Hornets’ owners to buy the franchise for $350 million. He was not, however, willing to say what he would do with the team if he did end up buying them, despite Forbes Magazine’s speculation that he would move them across the country. His first priority is buying the team, he told the Merc. Only then would he decide where to put them.

According to Mayor Chuck Reed, Ellison hasn’t discussed the possibility of adding the team to San Jose’s sports roster with him. “At this point, it’s just speculation about what Larry Ellison might be interested in doing.” What he fails to mention is that the Hornet’s lease is up in 2014, and with attendance down and losses accruing, perhaps it’s time for them to find a new home.
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