For 25 custodians who keep City Hall and other municipal properties clean, Christmas will not be very merry this year. That is the day that they will have to turn in their badges and join the ranks of the unemployed. They are being let off as part of the plan to cover last year’s $118 million deficit, saving the city $500,000—less than half of a percent. Why on Christmas? Because it just happens to be the last day of the 2010 pay cycle.

The layoff comes as a blow for Greg Wojcik, who has been cleaning up after city officials for 29 years. He is just eight months short of retirement with full benefits. Ironically, he and his coworkers have since been rehired by GCS Services, the private contractors hired to fill the gap. On the other hand, they are still taking a hit in terms of pay and benefits.

And the city already has a $90 million deficit to cover for next year.
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