Some men try to lure women with sporty cars. Eric Diaz used his ambulance. Five years ago, while employed by the private ambulance company American Medical Response, managed to film a night out on the town while he was on the clock. He drove his ambulance through Santa Clara County, picking up woman after woman, many of whom just wanted to play doctor. Even as the calls came in, he was able to clinch the deal, and add another trophy to his gurney before he sped off to save a life. How do we know this? Because he filmed it all and saved the DVD.

That was five years ago though, and now Diaz is gainfully employed with the San Jose Fire Department.  American Medical Response cannot do anything about Diaz, since he no longer works for them. Instead they simply issued a statement saying that his actions were unacceptable, violated the company’s policies, and in no way representative of the hundreds of men and women who honorably and faithfully serve this community every day.”

The problem is the SJFD. They are fully aware of the DVD, which features in a custody case between Diaz and his former girlfriend. On the other hand, nothing in it actually happened while Diaz was working for them, so they can’t punish him for it. Fire Captain Chuck Rangel did, however, comment on the case by saying that, “the trust and confidence of this community is very important to the fire department.” While the Fire Department does not discuss personnel issues, Rangel seems to be sending a message that he is not happy about the situation.
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