Like many schools in the South Bay, Baldwin Elementary is having a hard time offering all the programs it wants because of recent budget cuts. So the parents stepped in, and coordinated a walkathon, book fairs, and a variety of other activities to fund the programs that their kids need, like handwriting programs for kindergarteners and even school counselors. Two mothers took over the finances: Jennifer Lee Vazquez, 42, and Wendi Marie Hayes, 28.

On Thursday the mothers were formally charged with embezzling $30,000 from the funds that they had volunteered to oversee. The problem began last year when the bank notified the Oak Grove School District that there was some suspicious activity going on in the account that the mothers had set up. Among the charges were Netflix subscriptions, Old Navy purchases and bills for gasoline. A warrant was issued for the two women in August and they surrendered.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Jew is upset about what happened, but says his goal is to seek reimbursement, rather than punitive measures.
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