Owners Lew Wolff and John Fisher really do want to relocate their team to San Jose, but the powers of Major League Baseball are stalling, and Oakland is starting to fight back. The city is moving ahead with its plans to build a new 39,000 seat stadium along the waterfront east of Fallon Street. It has even picked an ominous name for the stadium, Victory Court. Of course, the name was chosen for the street, and not for the ultimate downfall of San Jose’s bid, or at least that’s what they say. Oakland is also proceeding with an environmental impact report, and Mayor-Elect Jean Quan campaigned on the promise that the city would use redevelopment money to move ahead with the project.

So what happens next? It is pretty obvious that the new stadium is not being designed for quidditch. With the Giants still firmly opposed to a new team in their “territory,” news of the new stadium could have an impact on the MLB, leaving San Jose high and dry.
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