When he was a little boy in France, Faury would visit his grandfather every weekend. On Friday night, the two would sit down and plan their menu together. It was then Faury’s task to go to market. As a 10-year-old, he loved visiting the local butcher, picking up a hot loaf of bread then heading over to the pastry shop for a glistening strawberry tart. It’s this simple joy of planning and preparing delicious comfort food that has stayed with him throughout his career. Faury, who was born and attended culinary school in Paris, came to New York when he was 23, looking for adventure and a break from the strict rules and tense atmosphere of the famous three-star restaurants where he had been working.

He fell in love with the friendly people and decided to stay. Through corkscrew turns of fate he married a girl from Michigan and ended up in California where word of his delicious American food with a French twist quickly spread. In 2003, he opened Twist Bistro in Campbell. 

A passion for all things soup has garnered him the affectionate nickname “Soup Nazi.” Faury’s regulars love him for his sense of humor and warmth and he strives to create a fun work environment so that “the staff is happy and share their smiles with my customers.”

Dominique has two restaurants. Twist Cafe is open for lunch and serves soups, salads, sandwiches and crepes, while Twist Bistro serves dinner. At the bistro, the food consists of French classics such as frog’s legs and steak tartare, but also dishes like grilled pork chop with Roquefort sauce, which has no particular origin but just sounds good. Both restaurants serve delicious and unpretentious comfort food, the kind Faury and his grandfather used to make together.

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