A fire at the Eggo waffle plant on Sunday spread to a nearby building, knocking out two local radio stations: KSJX, which serves the Vietnamese community, and KZSF, which serves the Hispanic community. Though firefighters arrived at the scene quickly, it took them over eight hours to contain the blaze, because of the high winds and dry grass in the area.

The SJFD adds that part of the problem was the city’s budget cuts, which led to the layoff of 49 firefighters and the elimination of a water engine from the station right across the freeway. Mayor Chuck Reed agreed with the firefighters’ assessment. “We’re not providing the same level of service. We know that. We want to bring back the firefighters, but we need concessions from the fire union to do it, he said.”

In the meantime, two local stations that cater to specific communities are still off the air. Without knowing it they have become a bargaining chip in the fight between the city and the fire department.
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