One of the main reasons that voters decided overwhelmingly to support the construction of a $937 million stadium in Santa Clara for the 49ers is that no money from the general fund would be used to pay for the new stadium. Santa Clara Plays Fair, which opposed the new stadium, now claims that the city is paying for other team expenses, including police escorts for the team’s buses. In August, for example, five police officers escorted six team buses from Santa Clara to Oakland for a pre-season game. Police Chief Steven Lodge confirms that he authorized four such escorts, one in the 2009 preseason and three in the 2010 preseason.

Lodge claims that Santa Clara Plays Fair is mistaken. The city is recording its hours, he says, and will bill the team once a Stadium Authority is created. The 49ers agree, and say that they are willing to pay per escort if the city asks. City Councilmember Will Kennedy, who was not aware of the arrangement, says that this would probably be best.

To date, the 49ers owe Santa Clara about $10,000 for the escorts.
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