Shop for a Pumpkin
What do Big Max, Iron Man, Mandy, Rock Star, and Snack Jack have in common? They’re varieties of pumpkins and winter squash. Find your favorite Halloween pumpkin at Spina Farms in San Jose or Uesugi Farms in Morgan Hill.

Angry Orts
Any band with a name that sounds like a villainous army of Dr. Seuss antagonists must be onto something. The Portland indie rock quartet Angry Orts performs at Streetlight Records.

Vicious Rumors and Bomb & Scary
It’s metal heaven Wednesday night at Avalon with power metal groups Vicious Rumors, Bomb & Scary, Crushdown, Ikki Crave, and Chamber 7. Vicious Rumors keep it old school while Bomb & Scary integrate circus theatrics. Expect loud scorching guitars, amps that go to 11, and double kick drum pedals.

Joe Sib and Richie Panic
The iconic punk rocker Joe Sib comes home to San Jose to perform his “broken word” multimedia show, “California Calling: Growing Up Punk Rock,” at the San Jose Improv. Afterwards, head over to the Wasteland party at Agenda Lounge where SF superstar DJ Richie Panic will whip the 18-and-up crowd into a frenzied panic. Indie electro is the new punk rock.

Berta Rojas
Tune into 91.5FM at 2pm to hear a preview of what Berta Rojas has in store for her Friday night intimate concert at Le Petit Trianon Theatre. Get tickets early – she sold out at the JFK Center in DC and the South Bank Centre in London.