The story begins with a fifteen-year-old boy who reportedly had sex with his girlfriend, and didn’t consider how his girlfriend’s stepfather might respond. The stepfather, who serves on the SJPD’s motorcycle unit, showed up at the boy’s house in full uniform, slapped the cuffs on the kid, and gave him a stern talking to, along with a threat to arrest him for sexual assault.

The boy was horrified, and so were his parents. When the cuffs were off and the officer was gone, his parents called … you guessed it, the police … to complain about a false arrest. The police indeed showed up at their door and arrested the kid for the statutory rape of a minor. Of course, the girl was also charged with statutory rape of a minor, 15.

Now the police must figure out what to do. The boy’s parents are claiming false arrest. On the other hand, policemen are cautioned not to become personally involved in any case in which the complainant is a close relative or friend … or stepdaughter, for that matter. While prosecutors are looking into charging the stepfather with false imprisonment, his lawyer says that “Everything was done in the spirit of reaching a troubled young man who is heading down the wrong path.”
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