The coyote population is exploding along Saratoga Creek in Santa Clara County, with calls complaining about the animals double what they were last year. Some areas, particularly around the town of Saratoga, have already issued warnings to local residents, urging them to keep their pets inside and small children tended. Coyotes often attack small dogs cats, but they have been known to attack toddlers too.

What’s especially worrisome is that the animals, which are primarily nocturnal, have been seen roaming the streets in the day as well. They are also less intimidated by people, with Santa Clara County Vector Control reporting that in at least one instance, coyotes came within 20 feet of a private home.

Vector Control warns that the highest concentration of coyotes can be found in San Jose, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Los Gatos. Residents of these areas are urged to report any sightings and to keep their pet food indoors so as not to attract the animals.
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