Yes, it’s completely tasteless, but it’s time somebody admitted these things are hard to keep track of, so here’s my Blues Legend Status Update: John Lee Hooker: Dead. RL Burnside: Dead. Koko Taylor: Dead. B.B. King…alive! Thank god.

Have you seen this guy lately? He just won’t quit playing. He was doing farewell tours as far back as four or five years ago, and certainly he’s slowed down, but the man is 84 years old. He’s still vibrant and funny, and he can still play the hell out of a guitar.

If you missed him at the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and Monterey Blues Festival in recent years, I strongly suggest you try to grab a ticket for Saturday’s show at the Mountain Winery, especially since he’s paired with another legend, Buddy Guy.

Take it from someone who didn’t get to see King until well into his eighth decade: when he breaks into “Woke Up This Morning,” you’ll remember why the whole world is glad he did.