Twenty-five years ago, Berryessa might still have been considered the fruit basket of Santa Clara County—one of the last parts of the Valley to succumb to development. Even today there are a few agricultural holdouts nestled throughout the neighborhood. Of course, most of these plots have been transformed into suburban single-family homes.

It’s a young, diverse neighborhood, with seven schools and its own school district. And now may be a good time to be shopping for a home in Berryessa.

In the early part of the decade, prices averaged about $700,000 per unit. But around 2007, when the market drooped dramatically, the cost of homes plummeted by as much as $200,000. It is only in the past few months that they’ve started to climb again gradually, with caution. Prices now average about $535,000. It’s a buyer’s market.

Three similar townhouses are available right now on the same street. 1081 Rymar Way is selling for $288,000; 1087 Rymar Way is going for $300,000; and 2598 Rymar is selling for $289,000. The lots are each 1,602 square feet; the first two homes are 1,028 square feet and 2598 is 1,042 square feet. They all have two master bedrooms and 2.5 baths. One outstanding feature of each home is the fireplace in the living room.

A few blocks away, at 2047 Limewood Drive, is a gorgeous four-bedroom, two-bath home on a 6,099-square-foot lot. The house itself is 1,399 square feet, with two stories. In the back is an enormous enclosed yard.

The living room features a wood-burning fireplace, and there’s a separate dining room and family room. The bedrooms and family room are carpeted, while the kitchen has a laminate tile floor. The house has recently been refurbished, and there are double-pane windows throughout.

This is a nice home for a growing family, and, priced at just $515,000.

Nearby, at 1753 Messina Drive, is another sweet four-bedroom, two-bath home that comes with a bunch of perks. Built in 1971, it has recently been refurbished and remodeled, and now features hardwood flooring, dual-pane windows and recessed lighting.

The kitchen has new granite countertops and includes all of the essential appliances, including a premium Bosch dishwasher. The master bathroom is a gem, with granite countertops, ceramic flooring and a freestanding ceramic soaking tub.

Since this is Berryessa, we’ve come to expect the wood-burning fireplace in the living room, which gives it such a homey feeling. The house is built on a 5,663-square-foot lot, and there is a beautiful painted redwood deck in the garden to lay back and enjoy the mountain breeze with family and friends. At $588,000, this house is a real bargain.

Then again, right now, almost everything in Berryessa is a bargain.