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SoFA District Sprouts New Farmers Market

Downtown’s SoFA District has launched its first year-round farmers market. Read more.

Kali Greek Kitchen Takes Minimal to the Max

Kali Greek Kitchen in Palo Alto  is not your average gyro joint.  Read more.

San Patricios Fills Irish-Mexican Pub Void

San Patricios juxtaposes its multi-layered cultural influences while keeping things simple. Read more.

Getting Classy at Academic Coffee

Academic Coffee is not your basic coffee shop, and nor is its history. Read more.

Steins Breathes Life into Cupertino Bar Scene

A living wall and lively beer selection help make Steins Beer Garden an immediate favorite. Read more.

Square Bar Cafe: Inside the Insta Bubble

Square Bar Cafe has created one of the most photogenic menus in the South Bay. Read more

Silicon Valley Farmers Markets Guide

It’s time to break out the reusable bags and get some fresh fruit and veggies. Read more.

Freshening Up at Saratoga Corner Cafe

In an area heavy with traffic but sparse for eateries, a new restaurant has taken root, Read more.

How to Cocktail in Summer 2017

Hoping to elevate our collective knowledge, we reached out to Haberdasher. Read more.

Luna Kitchen: Authentic as the Moon

Luna Mexican Kitchen adheres to the holy trinity: more beans, more corn and more chile. Read more.

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