25 Restaurants to Eat Healthy in 2018

Here’s a quick list of 25 South Bay restaurants to eat clean and green in the New Year. Read more.

Silicon Valley Farmers Markets Guide

It’s time to break out the reusable bags and get some fresh fruit and veggies. Read more.

Square Bar Cafe: Inside the Insta Bubble

Square Bar Cafe has created one of the most photogenic menus in the South Bay. Read more

Freshening Up at Saratoga Corner Cafe

In an area heavy with traffic but sparse for eateries, a new restaurant has taken root, Read more.

SoFA District Sprouts New Farmers Market

Downtown’s SoFA District has launched its first year-round farmers market. Read more.

25 Great Sports Bars to Get in the Game

Ahead of the Sharks’ season opener, we round up the best sports in the South Bay. Read more.

Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Pizza Guide

We tracked down 57  places to compile the pizza guide to end all pizza guides. Read more.

Fish in the Sea: A Silicon Valley Sushi Guide

Everything from all-you-can-eat specials to culinary adventures omakase style. Read more.

BarFly: Finding Hope at Hapa’s Brewing Co.

The proposed Googleplex in downtown would bring big change, but hope remains. Read more.

How to Cocktail in Summer 2017

Hoping to elevate our collective knowledge, we reached out to Haberdasher. Read more.

Chang’an Artisan Noodle brings a variety of flavors to Mountain View. Photo by Avi Salem.Restaurants

Chang’an Artisan Noodles: A Flavorful Journey

Named for the city where the Silk Road originated, Chang’an Artisan Noodle embodies much history. In nearly a millennium, the…

GET UR FREAK ON: Scare up some entertainment with these Halloween-themed shows. Photo by Greg Ramar.Attractions

Musical Mayhem: Halloween Concerts, DJs & Theater

Live Rocky Horror Show Oct 27 San Jose Stage Company: 490 S 1st St, San Jose Let’s do the Time…

Uproar Brewery’s growing cast of craft beers pays homage to old favorites and new beginnings.
Photo Illustration by Jeremiah Harada.Nightlife

BarFly: Uproar Brewery’s Patience Pays Off

I met Mr. Harada at the old car wash station in Martha’s Garden, off of South First Street in San…


Volkswagen Presents Warren Miller’s Line of Descent

This fall, the world's biggest name in snowsports cinema—Warren Miller Entertainment—celebrates its 68th ski and snowboard film with downhill thrills,…


Pet Friendly Hotels in Silicon Valley

It can be hard to find a hotel for the whole family, including the pets, but these Silicon Valley hotels…

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