Foxy Thursdays

Cardiff Lounge

Event has passed (Thu Apr 4, 2013 - Thu Dec 18, 2014)
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It's time to clink our drinks for Foxy Thursday's. For a little over a decade now, this weekly party at Cardiff Lounge has been keeping people moving and having fun. This Thursday marks the event's 11th anniversary. Hosted by Roger Moorehouse and Bobby de la Cruz--along with the usual suspects: Wen Davis, Federico Zabala, Christian Intrigue, Buddy Mason and Sean Bass--it's bound to be a great night for fans of house music. Veteran house DJ, Collete, will be making the trip to Cardiff from her hometown of Chicago, the birthplace of house music. Colette regularly rubs elbows with Kaskade at Smart Bar in Chi-Town, where the two are resident DJs. Don't be afraid to skip your gym plans that night. This event will definitely make up for it. (Rosey Gonzales)

Check an interview Moorehouse did with the Metro here :

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Cardiff Lounge
260 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA
Event has passed



  1. Cardiff Lounge
    260 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA