Disco Doom

Fri Mar 7, 2014
Cafe Stritch
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Numerals, the recently released third album by Swiss noise-pop duo Disco Doom is easily their most accessible record in the band's over decade-long career (and produced by Built To Spill's Jim Roth). While on prior releases their interest in noise and pop were mutually exclusive (and jarringly schizophrenic) they've managed to marry the two sides of their musical coin, and they've given the whole thing a gentle edge. Even the songs with punchier beats are soft, delicate, albeit dissonant pop tunes. The singer's melodies are lullaby-esque while the guitar's distorted feedback has an almost soothing quality about it, as opposed to the grating tension of some of their older slowcore jams, which could drone on for 30 minutes or more. (Aaron Carnes)

Photo: Holger Salach



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