Dinners, Amonie, Plantain, Rob Monroe

Fri Aug 16, 2013
Cafe Stritch
8pm - 11pm
Music, Folk


Cafe Stritch presents four bands each to blow the audience away.
San Jose's Amonie may be one of the loudest bands you will ever hear. When they hit the stage, you must decide to leave the club or give them your undivided attention. There's no middle ground. Similar to post-rock bands Godspeed You!, Black Emperor the band creates musical arcs instead of catchy, repetitive hooks.

With members from the Mumlers, Plantain are the masters of ambient sound. Plantain is more stripped down folk mixed with what sounds like whatever instrument that happens to be around. Completely innovative and absurdly different, the music will either set you free or make you crazy. Either way, it's worth a listen.



  1. Cafe Stritch
    374 S 1st St, San Jose, CA