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You have a closet full of clothes. Racks of clothes, shelves of clothes, piles of clothes… and nothing to wear.
How many times have you stood at your closet door, panicked, at 7:00 a.m. and just grabbed the clean black slacks? You know, the pants that look just like the ones you wore yesterday, or was it the day before? Sound familiar?
How about looking into your closet and finding useful, pretty, personal pieces that help get your day off to a bit better start? Urban Darling believes your clothes can give you a lift, raise your confidence and help you show the world who you are. Find out how.

Urban Darling® can work with you and the contents of your closet to enhance the wardrobe you have, or help you completely revamp it. With our sharp eye for fashion, Corinne Phipps and her wardrobe stylists, will help you get noticed with a renewed sense of your personal style. Our stylists will bring to you and your wardrobe their trademark supportive, non-judgmental, and fun assistance. We’ve worked with everyone from Valley CEO’s to stay-at-home moms, and specialize in those not too keen on shopping. Go on, indulge yourself (and your closet) and splurge on a wardrobe stylist!