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William McKinley. Jan 29, 1843 - Sep 14, 1901
McKinley was a staunch republican from the great state of Ohio. He was the 25th President of the United States, and known for favoring high tariffs.

On May 13, 1901, four months before his assassination by anarchist Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, he addressed San Jose from St. James Park. The crowd covered the steps and blocked 1st St. between St. John and St. James.

To commemorate his address, San Jose paid San Francisco sculptor Rupert Schmidt $13,000 to create a heroic likeness of the man on a granite base. The statue was unveiled on Feb 21, 1903.

What is hard to understand is why Buffalo is not tarred with shame for hosting McKinley's assassination. Dallas lives in infamy, why not Buffalo - New York spin doctors perhaps?

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