New Historical Atlas of Santa-Clara Co. - 1876

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Clyde Arbuckle writes, "The St. James Hotel was was built by Tyler Beach, San Jose's leading wood, coal, and ice dealer. This beautiful hostelry stood on the west side of of First Street, opposite St. James Park. By 1888, he doubled the structures size. His commodious, elegantly-appointed dining room became a mecca for gourmets from all over the state, General and Mrs. John Charles Fremont among them. In 1932, however, the St. James and the long row of one-story frame structures adjacent to it on the south were razed to make way for the First and St. John Streets post office."

The St. James Hotel was completed some time before 1876. The trees in St. James Park were starting to make some headway by this time - having been planted in 1868 or so.

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