"A million surplus Maggies are willing to bear the yoke;
And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke."
The Betrothed, Rudyard Kipling

E. Carlson, 1999

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43 First St. (1898) - Achille Allogie's Cigar Stand
43 First St. (2000) - Pinocchio's Tobacco & Cigars
This corner is just plumb destined to remain a haven for cigars.
43 S. First is currently the location of Pinocchio's Tobacco and Cigars. The shop is owned by a congenial lady named Rosey who was unaware of Pinocchio's ancient ties to Allogie's.

Leo Sullivan, in his small and rambling recollection of the street, "Recollections of Colorful El Dorado Street in Early San Jose," recollects:
"Allogie's Cigar Stand held down the corner of First Street; it catered to the dandies and sports that made the corner a rendezvous for their pals and, occasionally, their gals."

The corner today is somewhat foreboding, being on a path beat out by "leisured indigents" on their way to and from chic St. James Park. Hungover & hollow they dart into Pinocchio's for a pack of cigarettes before scooting out . . . in a hurry to nowhere. Like everybody else.

I am quite sure Pinocchio got sick as a dog after smoking a cigar.

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