E. Carlson, 1999

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15/17 El Dorado St. (1898) - Cole's and Moak's Fancy Barber Shop (1)
15 Post St. (2000) - Dream Jewelers

(1) (3) Cole's and Moak's was considered a "fancy" barbershop - note barber pole. Leo Sullivan walked by the shop when he was just a pup:
"Cole's and Moak's fancy barber shop was real classy for that period. It boasted a large collection of mugs. As insurance, it was common practice for regular patrons to keep a personal shaving mug in their favorite tonsorial parlors. A facial scourge, "The Barber's Itch," was quite prevalent."

(2) The El Dorado Saloon was probably gone by 1898 (photo was taken in 1869).

Shaving Mug retrieved from Cole's & Moak's

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