1881 Loryea and Macaulay

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On August 11, 1881, the foundation of the tower was laid at the intersection of Santa Clara and Market Streets.

The tower was 237 feet high, counting a 30-foot flag pole. A platform at the top of tower was home for six carbon arc lamps protected by an overhead reflecting shield. Each lamp produced 4,000 candle power of light - 24,000 candle power total.

The tower would be hailed as the "Seventh Wonder of the West." Nowhere is it written what the first six wonders were. Below is an updated listing of Western marvels.

Modern Seven Wonders of the West:
1. Statue of Quetzalcoatl (San Jose)
2. Randy's Fine Donut's Sign (Los Angeles)
3. Great Shallow Water Port of Alviso (Alviso)
4. Mayor Wiley Brown (San Francisco)
5. TechMuseum of Gloomy Science (San Jose)
6. Monster Houses of Willow Glen (San Jose)
7. Hollywoodland Sign (Hollywood).

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