Eric Carlson, 1998

The wildest prairies have electric fences,
For though old cattle know they must not stray
Young steers are always scenting purer water
Not here but everywhere. Beyond the wires

Leads them to blunder up against the wires
Whose muscle-shredding violence gives no quarter.
Electric limits to their wildest senses.

 Philip Larkin

The beauty of barbed wire. An elegant scroll of concertina barbed is supported by the more traditional single wire barbed. Beautiful and deadly, like a Las Vegas show-girl.

Once called "The Devils's Hatband," barbed wire brought controversy, bloodshed and civilization to uncouth places like Texas. The patent was first applied for by Joseph F. Glidden in 1873. His original, double-strand design, "the Winner," is the best selling barbed wire of all time.

Concertina barbed wire is referred to as "vicious" because the razor-edged barbs can gash and cripple. Too dangerous for the range, it is used on the battlefield for humans, and to protect fields of scrap metal. It has been in use for more than 75 years.

La Crosse, Kansas calls itself the "Barbed Wire Capital of the World." Way to go La Crosse. I would appreciate an email from a La Crossian telling me more about their town & it's tie to barbed-wire.

Sims Metal America is protected by this deadly razor-blade barrier.