Think & Die Thinking Benefit Show

Sat Dec 21, 2013
Cafe Stritch
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Think and Die Thinking, a totally DIY local indie-punk festival, is approaching its third year this coming January. What makes TADT unique is its emphasis on bands with members that are queer, transgender, women and people of color. The festival has been successful in the first two years, but this year the organizers want to make it even better and are throwing this benefit show to help cover expenses. (It is totally DIY after all). Donations are optional, with the suggested amount running $5-$10. Local indie-rockers Dinners headline this benefit, with East Bay garage rockers Wuv as main support. Other bands playing the benefit include indie-punkers Plume, indie-pop project Shredded Spoonfuls, and Temporary Girlfriend, a new band with members from Ugly Winner. (Aaron Carnes)

(Photo: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly)



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