The Wishing Spot

1220 Pine St., San Francisco , CA
Specialty, Psychic & The Occult
Mon-Sun (Callanytime!)


Authentic voodoo charms and spells, passed down by our mothers and grandmothers from New Orleans, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas. Marlena and Amandine, two Southern girls recently arrived in the City of Fog, brought with them all the knowledge gathered from their grandmothers' "hoodoo." Some people strongly believe that we have helped them find success in love, money, business, the arts, and spiritual self-awareness. We make no claims to that end, but visit us in our lower Nob Hill location and see for yourself. You may purchase authentic gris-gris and wanga, voodoo Tarot and palm readings, candle magick, spell packets, charms, talismans, or guided meditations. Marlena also does readings to determine your met tete, or ruling lwa - the vodou "god" that favors and looks after you. We conduct rituals to the lwa at certain times, as well as feasts to the ancestors. Stop by for a cup of tea in a friendly setting and find out more. Hours vary - but call anytime! Or e-mail [email protected]