The Windows: A Reflection with artist Harrell Fletcher

Sun Oct 27, 2013
2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Arts, Parks & Open Spaces


Join us for an afternoon of looking back on The Best Things in Museums are the Windows, a four-day trek to the summit of Mount Diablo organized by the Exploratorium’s Center for Art & Inquiry in collaboration with artist Harrell Fletcher.

This ambitious journey re-situated the pedagogical work of the Exploratorium along a trajectory that spanned the Bay, a series of neighborhoods, and the foothill trails of Mount Diablo. Along the way, Exploratorium educators and community partners illuminated the path we traversed in both formal and informal ways. Explorations encompassed themes that included the speed that sound travels in relation to light, radio activity on Treasure Island, the historic streetcar lines of Oakland, the microscopic life in a creek, geologic time, pigeon anatomy, the cycles of the moon, and geodesy.
Join us along with Fletcher, distinguished scholars, and project participants as we reflect on the journey, how it happened, and its manifold meanings. Presenters will explore walking as a form of art, the relationship of cultural institutions to their communities, and how art and pedagogy can transform the everyday world around us into a lively classroom.

• Harrell Fletcher, Artist and Art and Social Practice Professor at Portland State University
• Shannon Jackson, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Chair in the Arts and Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley
• Jason Groves, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Integrated Humanities at Yale University
• Marina McDougall, Director, Center for Art & Inquiry, Exploratorium
• Jordan Stein, Assistant Curator, Center for Art & Inquiry, Exploratorium


2:00 –2:30 p.m.
Jordan Stein The Windows: A Reflection

Shannon Jackson in conversation with Harrell Fletcher

Jason Groves on walking in art and literature

Marina McDougall in conversation with walk participants

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