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The legacy of 1960’s and 70’s America holds much more than baby boomer memories of self discovery and youthful rebellion.  The political frustration and activism of the era outshadows anything that came after it.  Some of our most beloved cultural leaders died at the hands of fellow Americans during that crucial time, making it a period that was as dangerous as it was inspirational.  The enclosed book reveals the life and fate of a woman whose story embodies the fascinating and frightening underbelly of America’s cultural revolution.


In TAKING AIM AT THE PRESIDENT: The Remarkable Story of the Woman Who Shot at Gerald Ford (Palgrave Macmillan/ PUB DATE: Jan 12th, 2009/ Hardcover/ 0-230-61023-4), author and investigative journalist, Geri Spieler, chronicles the life and dives into the mind of would-be assassin, Sara Jane Moore, the only woman in American history to fire a bullet at a U.S. President, and the only one arrested for committing this level of crime to be released from prison.


After 30 years of contact while Moore was behind bars, Spieler paints a vivid personality assessment of this suburban housewife who was far from the profile of a skilled assassin, yet was still able to shoot at Ford on September 22, 1975.