Sunhee Moon

1833 Fillmore St., #101, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.928.1800
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Shopping, Clothing & Accessories, Women's Clothing


After our interview, Sunhee Moon gave me a white T-shirt she'd designed. "Great," I thought, "free shirt." I thanked her and threw it in my bag. But, as I later discovered, it's not just any white T-shirt, it's the white T-shirt, the one every girl searches for: small but not short, flattering but not obscene, silky soft but not too thin. In T-shirts and in all her clothing, Sunhee Moon has mastered the art of turning simple standards into beautiful favorites. Her designs have a clean, timeless look that works anywhere. Just glancing around her office made me want to throw away all my clothes and start over. And I'm not the only one impressed -- she's caught the attention of store buyers and fashion editors all over the country -- but she's still loyal to her core customers and the Bay Area where her career began.

- Excerpt from SF Station Q&A by Cassi Feldman