Ginny Anderson, Ph.D, author and ecopsychologist presents:

Summer Solstice Celebration

Sun Jun 23, 2013
Mid-peninsula location
10 am to 4 pm
Education, Self Help Classes, Parks & Open Spaces


Bathed in the light of summer, get ready to reach beyond the sunlight that surrounds us on the longest day of the year!

Cosmic triggers can come about through a wide variety of life experiences–

A deep need for change
A profoundly challenging situation
A dream
Spontaneous AHA experiences
Medicine journeys
Shamanic journeys

We find ourselves connected to the universe, filled with joy, hope, and comfort. The moment passes - but it instantly becomes part of our reserve of peace, power, and strength.

Spend a day in a sunny mid-Peninsula garden, swimming, feasting, playing. We’ll share personal stories and transform them into power objects or mandalas. Materials and symbols will be available to help bring those profound experiences into daily life. Celebrate them; make them tactile and visible, bringing their power and wisdom into daily life.

Visualizations will be shared to expand your capacity to reach toward the light in the universe, the light within the earth, the light within our own bodies. the light that's constantly within reach.

Our exploration this day will accelerate our journey to become more effectively and fully present as we take our places in sustaining the web of life.

Please confirm with me directly if you plan to attend, and I'll give you directions to the mid-Peninsula meeting site. $50 includes art materials and lunch.

Mid-Peninsula location given when you reserve a space by emailing [email protected]

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  1. Mid-peninsula location
    given upon registration, East Bay, CA