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After 17-years I still love doing massage, I feel blessed to have found my passion early in life. That passion has continued to teach me about the kind of woman I want to be and how to show up more and more for myself, therefore, my clients. I know that I will never know all there is to know about mastering the craft of being in a human body, but I am having a grand time learning about it. I share that learning with you through my practice of bodywork.

Passion, simply, is the ultimate in life's teachers.

I akin my bodywork to playing the piano. Each person that comes to my table has their own unique song. While the keys are the similar (the construct of the muscular system), the song is different. Sometimes the keys get stuck, out of tune or gummy. It is my job to seek out these areas and assist them back to a state of balance allowing the body to resonate in harmonious flow (also called homeostastis, professionally speaking).

I am skilled at listening to the song of the body/mind through a deep sense of intuition. As I work on the muscular system, it is as if I am tuning the keys of the piano. Rarely do I look at the body as I work, just as a pianist often is not looking at the keys while playing. With my eyes closed I can connect to the deep the sense of touch and fine-tuned listening needed so that I can be sure to hit the notes which will allow the system to relax into a state of stillness. In essence, I am tuning the piano (your body) to sing your own unique song, your own souls soliloquy.

I am trained in many modalities, however I do have my favorites that I use most often. Those are...

Cranial Sacral
Trigger Point
Lymphatic Drainage
Positional Release
Deep Tissue

Combining these modalities I have found my own unique sharing of bodywork to not only assist the physical body in resonating to its own unique soul soliloquy, but also the emotional, subtle and mental body.