SoFA Street Fair

Event has passed (Sun Sep 13, 2015 - Sun Sep 11, 2016)
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The SoFA Street Fair returns to San Jose's South First Street arts, culture and nightlife district this Sunday for a day of music, food, beer, art and much more. It marks the fourth such event since festival organizer Fil Maresca brought the party back to life in 2014 after more than a 10-year hiatus.

As has been the case with the past three fall SoFA Street Fairs—and 2016’s inaugural spring event—the focus will be on local bands. However, Maresca says, there is another focus he and his team have been devoting energy to this year: keeping SoFA Street Fair free and putting a little cash in the pockets of local artists.

Read more about the bands playing this year's event here:


South First Street
South First Street
San Jose, CA
Event has passed



  1. South First Street
    South First Street, San Jose, CA