Royal NoneSuch Gallery Presents

Site Unseen: [Relics and Response]

A solo show by Annie Albagli

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Anne Albagli
Site Unseen: [Relics and Response]

The Royal NoneSuch Gallery is pleased to present Site Unseen: [Relics and Response], a solo exhibition by Annie Albagli. The works in this exhibition explore new processes, utilizing repetition, form, and color to build a new type of sacred space within the gallery.

Drawing inspiration from both domestic interiors and holy sites, the works in Site Unseen: [Relics and Response] utilize the degrading recurrence of a pattern to build a work excavated from the act of printing. The act of creation within a single tile and the repetition within the whole work is a meditation on these forms and surfaces.

In addition to the opening reception on July 11, a limited number of viewers will participate in a dinner event at the gallery on July 25. Attendees will be asked to bring their own dishes and cutlery that recall a specific memory or meal. The meal will be an opportunity to build community around history, sanctity, and the fulfillment that can occur by combining art, food, and dialogue. Details on how to RSVP will be posted on the gallery website and through a Facebook event.

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