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Does Your Pet Need More Care than You Can Provide?

Sometimes we find that we cannot give our pets all the care, exercise, home health care, or "chauffeuring"  that our pets require and deserve.  Obviously, if you are laid up yourself with a bad back, you can't take your dog out running - probably not even walking!

It may be time for you to investigate SAN JOSE PET CARE!

SAN JOSE PET CARE will work with you to give your pet what you want for him.   For instance:

    ✓    SAN JOSE PET CARE will chauffeur Fluffy the cat to her grooming or veterinary appointment and bring her safely home to you . . .

    ✓    If you have a hectic and irregular schedule at work, SAN JOSE PET CARE will visit your dog Fido daily and take him out for a walk at a set time during the day . . .

    ✓    SAN JOSE PET CARE will administer regular prescribed injections, such as insulin, for your pet, if you lack the experience or just prefer not to . . .

    ✓     SAN JOSE PET CARE will visit, feed and water, and make sure all is in good order with your pet when you are away from home for business or vacation . . .