Grand Fanali presents

Rockage Festival

Event has passed (Fri Feb 7, 2014 - Sun Feb 9, 2014)
$20 - $30
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San Jose has started recently to birth more music festivals. One coming into its second year is Rockage, hosted by Grand Fanali Presents. Rockage 3.0 is a three-day festival that features indie, chiptune, and retro gaming under one roof. This year Rockage relocates to the San Jose State University Student Union Ballroom

A mixture of emerging indie rock bands will be featured at Rockage, like Cartoon Bar Fight, Curious Quail, Picture Atlantic, crashfaster, and more along with video game speedrunning cover band Bit Brigade and Porch, feat. Todd from Primus. (Amulya Datla)

Photo galleries from Rockage 1 and Rockage 2.0 below. (Jessica Shirley-Donnelly) (Geoffrey Smith II) (Geoffrey Smith II)

crashfaster (DJ set) 3:00 pm
Petriform (DJ set) 4:00 
Curious Quail 7:00
Continuum Kingdom 7:40 
Matthew Joseph Payne 8:10
Ghost & The City 9:00
Super Soul Bros 9:30
Hawk Jones 10:20
Space Boyfriend 10:50
Slime Girls 11:15

DJ Mr Smith noon
Lady Game Lyric 1:30 pm
Boboso 2:00
Petriform 2:40
Jean Baudin 3:20
Cartoon Violence 4:00
Super Soul Bros  (EarthBound set) 4:40
Picture Atlantic 5:10
Danimal Cannon 6:00
The Albert Square 6:40
crashfaster 7:10
Porch (Todd Huth from Primus) 7:50
Mega Ran 8:20
Super Soul Bros (Mario Kart set) 9:10
Bit Brigade (The Legend Of Zelda) 9:40
Together We Are Robots 10:40
Gnarb00ts 11:10

DJ Coco noon
Super Soul Bros (all request set) 2:30 pm
Cartoon Bar Fight 3:10
Danimal Cannon (Chip talk) 3:50
Lady Game Lyric 4:10
Good Hustle 4:30
Gnarb00ts (& friends) 5:10
The Megas 5:40
Super Soul Bros (Smash Bros set)
Bit Brigade (Mega Man 2) 7:00

Panels in Mosaic Room:

D & D: As Retro As It Gets, Part 1 of 2 12:30 pm
Chiptune Workshop 2:00
Get Into The Game (Industry)! 3:20
EarthBound Documentary 4:20
SJSU Game Dev Club 5:40
Meet The Megas 7:20
Nostalgia Night Stream 8:30

D & D: As Retro As It Gets, Part 2 of 2 12:30 pm
Mario Paint Collective Workshop 1:30
YouTube Lifestyle 3:20
Garb00ts Present: GnarPanel 4:30
Rockage Wrap 6:00

Games playable:
Escape Goat 2 (PC - Magical Time Bean)
BandFuse (PS3 / Xbox360 - Realta Entertainment)
Rhythm Core Alpha II (3DS - SoftEgg)
SJSU Game Dev Club student-made games (various platforms)
California Extreme Arcade (50+ classic cabs + pinball)

Gaming Tournaments (subject to change / more TBA):


San Jose State University
1 Washington Sq
San Jose, CA
Event has passed



  1. San Jose State University
    1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA