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I am a holistic health practitioner who teaches how nutrition, exercise, and stress COMBINED impact your health and wellness. Did you know that stress is not just about feeling rushed and meeting deadlines? Stress can be experienced in the body through poor nutrition, too much or too little exercise, unbalanced hormones, going to bed late, fear, anxiety, and negative thinking. Many people think that if they lose weight, they will be healthy but actually the opposite is true. You need to be healthy to lose weight. If your body is busy fighting off stress, you may having trouble with weight loss, feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, get sick frequently, experience pain, and just feel that “something isn’t right”.


Through a series of questionnaires, I help you identify how your lifestyle choices are affecting your health. With this information, I’ll then develop your personalized wellness plan that will teach you what kinds of food your body needs to work at it's best, what intensity of exercise your body can handle, and simple stress management techniques that you can start using immediately. By restoring balance in your body, you will see a decrease in body fat, increased muscle tone and improved posture, increased energy, better mood, improved digestion, better sleep, improved self-image and improved relationships with others.


Coaching can be done in person or via the telephone. In addition to one on one coaching, I also offer several wellness workshops, corporate wellness seminars, in home hormone and gut testing, a free grocery shopping fieldtrip and restorative yoga and meditation classes. If you’re not sure where to start, I’m happy to give you a free consultation.


Lori Metroka

Replenishing Soul

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