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201 Castro St, Mountain View , CA
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Red Rock is built upon three values: CAFFEINE, CULTURE, and COMMUNITY.

But before we get to that, let's back up. We're all in search of that perfect place, aren't we? A place that feels like home. The music's great, the coffee is hot, the staff is friendly, the restrooms  are clean (usually), and we know that when we walk in the door and fork over our hard-earned cash, we'll feel good about it; the food and drink will be a perfect escape, and the atmosphere, vibe, sounds, smells, and conversation in the room will be lovely, inspiring, and rewarding. The Red Rock was built to be that cafe. You have a great experience, and we make a little money. Everyone's happy, right? Wrong.

Red Rock was born when a group of people came together and wanted to create a place of genuine community. In 2005, The Highway Community purchased Red Rock, with the desire to create that perfect space. Not just a great place to meet and hang out, but a place that truly gave back and supported the community that supports it. That's why the Red Rock functions as a not-for-profit business. We take all profits not used to support the ongoing business of the cafe and donate them to other non-profit and charity groups. So, you can actually feel good about that triple vanilla latte with a side of carrot cake. The point is, the more you support Red Rock, the more you support the community. We're talking little leagues, food banks, community fairs and festivals, art endowments, homeless advocacy, local schools, etc. It's a little way toward making our small corner of the world a better place. An old idea, yes, but a good one.

So, the VALUES, then:


We serve fresh coffee, all the time. We're coffee freaks, not coffee snobs. If you don't like what you get, send it back and we'll pull it again. We are proud to partner with Four Barrel in San Francisco, to bring you the very best coffee, espresso, and whole beans known to man. The point is, we're fanatically obsessed with coffee and espresso in all it's foamy, steaming, forms - particularly the hot stuff crafted in the espresso traditions of Italy. We could go into the excruciating minutiae of roast grades, group heads, and cupping, but you probably just want a good cup of coffee, right? We'll spare you the details. If you are a certified coffee geek, feel free to e-mail JOHN 'single-origin' DUSTMAN, our coffee QA guru.


Red Rock supports local art in all its many glorious varieties. (NOTE: We support non-local art as well. If you're a band-on-the-run, or an artist from out of the area, contact KEVIN...) We love bands, music, spoken word, visual art, photography, poetry, writers, dancers, thinkers, servants, and comedians, among other things. The world is running out of places to see a good live show or cheap art event, so we're holding out as long as we can. One last thing - we want the shows at Red Rock to be quality. If you're still learning your instrument, or say, learning to sing on key, we salute and encourage you as you refine your craft, even if we can't offer you a show at Red Rock. If you're ready, and most of you are, contact us for information about playing and performing at Red Rock. Visual artists, put down your copy of Turtleneck magazine.


As we said earlier, the money you spend at Red Rock goes back into your community. In kind, we support the gathering and reasoning together of community, whether it be support groups, reading groups, knitting groups, foreign language conversation groups, or whatever. We want to make our space available to your group if it's within reason (no violence or pyrotechnics, please). Contact us for info about the many groups that call Red Rock home. For information about using or renting our space, contact our manager, JEAN.

The Future?

Ah, we've got big plans. Expect the first installment of the Red Rock Film Festival this year, as well as an anti-human-trafficking compilation CD and fundraising project that will put all the muscle of Red Rock behind a small project that will change real lives.We encourage you to dig in and become an important thread of the fabric that is Red Rock. We truly thank you for being a part of our family. Goo!