Rainbow Cattle Company

16220 Main St, Guerneville , CA
(707) 869-0206
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Since it opened its doors in 1979, The Rainbow has been a Northern California Party Destination - serving up carefree good times.

Maybe it's the rustic interior paneling that has soaked up 25 years of split cocktails, laughter and heavy cruising. Maybe it's the warm smiles on familiar faces, or the sparkle in some new eyes before you kiss. Maybe it's from finally seeing your mom in a GAY bar, and you can't get her to leave.

Maybe it's because one of our bartenders has worked here for 20 years, or a bar in Austin, TX and Brattleboro, VT were named after us. Or maybe it's about building a loving community together with our straight friends and neighbors.

Whatever it is, it is our job as the new owners to get out of the way and let The Rainbow express itself. - queersteer.com