Purple Dragon Tattoos

425 Saint Francis Dr, Boulder Creek , CA
(831) 239-3818
Specialty, Tattoos & Piercings
Mon-Sat (8-5pm)
Sun (n/a)
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Purple Dragon Tattoos sits peacefully in the heart of the Redwoods in
the Santa Cruz Mountains. A short drive from either San Jose or Santa
Cruz, the quiet studio in Boulder Creek attracts tattoo enthusiasts
from all corners of California and all walks of life seeking the
incredible art work created by owner/artist Suzi Ballou.

A natural artist, Suzi chooses skin as one of her artistic mediums and
specializes in transforming her custom drawn designs into tattooed
works of art. Suzi has been a professional tattoo artist since 2000
and for a few years early in her career she expressed her creative
visions at Gold Coast Tattoos in Monterey County as well as her studio
in Boulder Creek.

Suzi has a large portfolio showcasing the variety of her artwork
including tribal tattoos, cross tattoos, star tattoos, flower tattoos,
bird tattoos, animal tattoos, Japanese masks, and many styles of
lettering, including Old English. Her artwork is equally impressive in
gray shading as it is in color.

Suzi succeeds in interpreting your tattoo idea and is able to
incorporate its meaning whether sentimental, lighthearted, or just
plain fun.  She is passionate about each project whether a small
tattoo or an entire sleeve, leg, or back piece. Suzi also specializes
in covering scars, refreshing old tattoos, or completely covering
existing tattoos.

A high level of professionalism and sterile procedures are always
maintained at Purple Dragon Tattoos. Suzi is enthusiastically endorsed
by her clients, which include surgeons and surgical nurses. Suzi keeps
updated in education and certification for Blood-borne Pathogens. Both
Purple Dragon Tattoos and Suzi have been approved by and are
registered with the Santa Cruz County Health Department.