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Are you living the life you really want? Are you with the person you really want to be with? When will you marry? Have a family? Get a new job? Get out of depression and finally be happy? And how can you become closer to getting there?Amanda is a love spell and reuniting specialist.  She advises in all areas including: love, soul-mates, break-ups, divorces and spiritual needs.  Amanda is dedicated to making only the strongest connections with each of her clients. Open your spiritual mind, allow positive energy into your life and start living your dream! Past all the hurt and pain, there is a better way to live your life. Call Amanda now! 

Open your spiritual mind andallow positive psychic energyand light into your life.Remember that you create theworld you want!Psychic Amanda is dedicatedto making a strong connectionwith each of her clients so youmay have the best psychicexperience.    All of your questions will beanswered in the psychic reading .
People from all walks of life usePsychic Amanda's services ofhelp and psychic guidance as she accepts you for who you areand does not judge.  Amanda is recognizedinternationally as she performspsychic and intuitive consultations for clients in the Atlanta area as well as for people across the globe.

Psychic Reading

The psychic reading is a small reading that will detail you on the past, present and future.
The psychic reading is a small reading that will detail you on the past, present and future.Tarot ReadingThe tarot reading is a much more accurate and in depth reading. It provides detailed information on the areas you want to know about. Crystal ReadingThe crystal energy reading is the most in-depth reading offered. The energy from the natural stone crystals allow Amanda to most strongly pick up on your outter and inner vibrations, creating a strong energetic and psychic connection. Very detailed reading.

Amanda uses her strong energy to help you manifest your hearts desire. Born of a mystical heritage, Amanda embodies the ancient techniques of:

Custom Love Spells

Energy Healing

Love Enchantments            

All spells are ancient and passed on from generations of psychicspell practitioners and energy healers.

Important Note:Before requesting spell-casting, you must first have a reading done so Amanda can determine what type of spiritual enchantments will best help your situation.Chakra Balancing Do you feel that something "just isn't right?" Are you feeling off balance and out of place in your life? Experiencing a lack of energy or even depression?Blocked energy can cause an imbalance in the chakras. The chakras are such a vital system because it impacts how the energy throughout your entire body is able to flow. Blockages in your chakras can negatively impact your life in many ways . This psychic intuitive will guide you step by step in overcoming this spiritual obstacle so you may be closer to unlocking your path to happiness and start living your dream life.
As a natural born psychic, Amanda works  through each individuals energy, vibrations and auras. With over 18 years of experience, Amanda has helped wonderfully change the lives of thousands! This psychic will advise you on the right path to take and will help give you to your true destiny!Ms. Amanda offers psychic services to clients in Atlanta and across the globe. Her psychic readings are accurate, powerful and insightful.  Psychic readings are available daily between the hours of 7am-11pm. Consultations are available both in-person and by phone.