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Poolside Soiree at Santana Row

The ladies-who-lunch crowd of Silicon Valley bundled up on a gusty afternoon last Saturday and gathered around Santana Row’s luxury residential pool for a look at some chic summer outfits. Santana Row’s Poolside Soiree Summer Fashion Show celebrated the best of this season’s warm-weather wear, featuring a range of styles and designers from 21 Row retailers.

The show began with a performance by the Angelfish Synchronized Swim Team, the 2008 National Synchronized Swimming Champions. The team of enthusiastic little girls in spangled swimsuits entered the water waving confidently, and put on an impressive performance of graceful, coordinated leg and hand movements, all the while treading water and harmonizing to music.

Then came the main event, the fashion show at water’s edge, with a multicultural set of models stepping around the circular catwalk in everything from cocktail dresses to yoga wear.

Certain trends seemed to stand out in multiple collections. Leopard print made of light, filmy fabric flirted down the runway in little dresses from Pink Stripes Boutique and Anne Fontaine. Anthropologie and Penelope Boutique highlighted the flowery, flower-printed maxi dresses that are so hot right now, all accented with big, chunky plastic bib necklaces and arm bangles. Butterfly prints were represented in gauzy, baby doll tops from H&M, as well as large, gossamer-winged insects strapped to the heads of Brooks Brothers models. The “it” colors of this season, hot pink and cheery yellow, popped up in virtually all of the women’s collections.

Men’s fashion stayed pretty understated, with casual polo shirts by Tommy Bahama and Eli Thomas for Men. Women in the front row squealed with delight during the Franco Uomo section, when a special guest model, a precocious white bulldog, was lead around the runway alongside the looks.

Baggy harem pants, another ’80s garment that has made a big comeback this season, also materialized on the Santana Row runway. Paired with metallic heels, these drapey knee-length pants looked übercasual chic on the spindly-legged models. But be warned: unless you’re six feet tall with no hips, this baggy-crotched trend isn’t flattering on most body types.

Kudos to the models who successfully navigated the soggy Santana Row runway with nary a fall, even as the white curtains that accented the runway kept getting caught in their heels. Though the drizzly weather put a damper on the summer-themed festivities, the well-tanned and manicured crowed certainly walked away with a checklist of must-have garments to add to their sunny weather wardrobes.