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Poedic Codings

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A group exhibition that explores the relationship between art and technology through the use of flat screen displays, wall projections, interactive installations, and tablet computer apps.

Increasingly, 21st century exhibitions have presented code-based works on monitors and as interactive installations, however, Poetic Codings is one of the first to juxtapose wall-based works with those made for mobile devices. This exhibition was originally organized by Jody Zellen for the Fellows of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California (January-March, 2013) and then travelled to Boston CyberArts Gallery, Massachusetts (April-Jun 2013), and will be presented at the ICA from May 31 through September 6, 2014.

Poetic Codings was created with the goal of presenting works that together open up a dialogue which suggests apps are viable works of art, and to raise awareness of this trending art form. The exhibition also addresses the differences between public and private viewing experiences - positing the experience of interacting with a digital work in public is vastly different from the more private experience of sitting back and navigating a work on the small screen of a mobile device. Apps are contained and fill a small screen. Installations are often immersive environments. When viewing an interactive installation or projected video, the viewer experiences an awareness for the presence of their body, for instance, how their shadow may interrupt the projection and how their movement in the space changes the interaction. When interacting with art on a mobile device, it is a private, one-person experience more often than not, where one can lose themselves in the complexity of the interaction without regard to the architectural setting and placement of the work.

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