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Phage display has become a pivotal tool in immunological and cellular biological research due to its remarkable contribution for the development of new drugs and vaccines. As a kind of the most successful applications, phage display technology has proved its safety and efficiency in the research and development of specific antibodies. Notably, take advantage of phage display platform based on human antibody sequences makes it available to produce fully human antibodies without the ethical and moral issues. In addition, this platform is also a general choice for in vitroprotein evolution, a typical example is the well-known antibody affinity maturation. Combine with mutagenesis and phage display technologies, phage display antibody library with size of over 108 (1013 has ever been achieved byCreative Biolabs) can be generated to screen the specific antibodies with high affinity for the development of high efficacy with low side effects antibody drugs. Furthermore, phage display platform is an equally important tool for the development of vaccines and the generation of diagnostic tests for monitoring disease progression and evaluating treatment efficacy.