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Three tiers that hold everything you need for your four legged friend. These designs can be customized to fit your exact needs! 3 Tiers Into 1 was established in September 2016. The company  makes a pet furntiture business that everyone will love. Everyday pet industry is changing. There are plenty of pet supplies, and one of the item is pet food. The company makes furniture around food dispenser, food replenishing, water drink, and store pet items all in one. Imagine how will pet parents be able to store, dispense the food supplies and how will they replenish them; how will their pets eat and drink water without their bowl holders; how are they going to store pet items and be organize; lastly, if the pet owner walks or runs, how can someone grab the leash for their pet even before they walk or run happens. The company makes the Pet Utopia Furniture to solve your need.  Please see the video below, and I will very much love to discuss what do you think about it. Thank you.