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21511 E. Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz , CA
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Optimal Health and Fitness is the ultimate fitness center in Santa Cruz. We bring together the principles of functional fitness and integrative medicine to create a company that achieves excellence in safe, effective, inspiring, and empowering programs, classes, and healthcare services.

We strive to help people thrive in the shortest time possible. Our goal is to make every contact with our business a personal and professional experience. To help motiavte our locals and help them realize their potential, we created the Santa Cruz Challenge.  The Challenge is an 8 week course dedicated to your overall health.  We have 15 different studios participating, ranging from Boot Camps, to pilates and Kayaking.  We want you to find the fitness regime that is fun and rewarding for you!  Register now, or if you need more info, click on Santa Cruz Challenge above.

At Optimal Health and Fitness, we want to make a difference in your everyday health and wellness and teach you how to sustain your improvements by bridging the gap between awareness, choice, and action. We keep our intent at the core of our operations and believe that the greatest power to transform comes from within.