One Double Oh Seven Club

1007 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz , CA
+1 831.425.9589
Bars, Dive Bars, Sports Bars
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The sign says "Smokers Lounge"—welcome words to a particular slice of the population. And as it happens, that demographic includes a lot of fun people. Outside the Plexiglass wall that defines the smokers' section (and includes the bar itself), health-conscious drinkers can choose among several pool tables, as well as foosball and even pinball (!). The idea seems to be: Life may be short, so enjoy it. 


Smell 3; Mouthfeel 4; Taste 3.5; Overall 3.5

Jake: Relentless defenders of this Soquel Avenue joint will go to great lengths to defend its alleged non-dive factor—calling it either a “sports bar” or a “smoking parlor” (it’s legal here). Since we consider the “dive bar” designation to be a compliment, we’ll override their protestations.

The One Double Oh Seven, or “Double O” for short, has good-priced drinks, a shuffleboard, foosball, golf putting and lots of dartboards. And it is definitely one of the best places in the county to watch an impressive pool game. Patrons in the game area are often energetic and in a good mood, while the bar counter offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Cheap beer pitchers and lots of TVs make it a nice place to watch a sports game.

Robert: The One Double Oh Seven is a great place to go if you want to lose all of your money and have a great time doing so. They have way too many games, and by that I mean they have just the right amount; more than you could play in a single night and still remember them all. Out of all of the bars I have been to, the One Double Oh Seven is the one that taught me how bad at pool and darts I really am. “What do you mean you hit three triple twenties? I haven’t even gone yet! Asshole.” And even though it really is more of a games hall than a dive bar, the people have just enough crust to warrant a look over the shoulder every couple seconds or so. I highly recommend this place if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to just drink and talk, or you can throw a dart straighter than you can walk.