The Wise Path To Weight Loss – Sunday Mornings

Mindful Eating: The Wise Path To Weight Loss – Sunday Mornings

Sun Sep 9, 2018
Integrative Hypnotherapy
9:30 am - 10:45 am
$230 - $240
Health & Wellness, Dermatologists, Physical Therapists


Mindful eating with the powerful side-effect of weight loss is not another dieting fad. It is our system that combines mindfulness, clinical nutrition, human behavior and medical research. By addressing the underlying issues associated with your eating habits, weight loss becomes the natural result of changing the way you think about eating as well as your overall relationship with food. Instead of just being a diet, it becomes a way of life, which helps to guarantee your success.

Small changes in habits over time will yield big results! Recent participants in our program rave that they “found that this mindful approach to weight loss was a real positive way to handle food and eating. Weight loss as a byproduct of a lifestyle mindset was new to me and I found it a great influence.”

We are certain our program can revolutionize your lifestyle and mindset, as well. Our relationship with food is a gateway to transforming our relationship with ourselves and with others.

The program provides participants with:

Mindful Eating instruction and practice
Transforming emotional eating to healthy living
Nutritional education and the latest research
Mindfulness and Behavioral Tools for everyday success
Weekly guided meditation and 4 meditation downloads
NLP and other techniques for habit reversal
This event meets each Sunday, from 9:30 to 10:45 am, beginning September 9th through October 21st.** The price includes all sessions on Thursday mornings through October 21st.

The dates this session will meet are:

September 9, 16, 23, 30

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