MedMar Healing Center

170 S. Autumn St, San Jose , CA
+1 408.385.9600
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San Jose based MedMar Healing Center is a grassroots, community-based, healing center offering support and alternative health resources to people facing health challenges. Our primary goal is to advocate and support a proactive approach to health management by providing a local, affordable, and safe environment to dispense medical cannabis and other alternative health services.
MedMar offers FREE PARKING since they have their own parking lot.
Located on South Autumn Street between Park Ave and San Fernendo Street. Roughly 2-blocks North from OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) and 2-blocks South from The Shark Tank (HP Pavillion).
170 S. Autumn St
San Jose, CA 95126

A message from the CEO of MedMar Healing Center
"Each patient has their own special needs and circumstances and we do our very best to meet those needs. It’s an amazing feeling to help others and see the impact it that has on their lives. We are honored to be at the forefront of this incredible movement and are very excited to see the positive changes our hard work has made on each other, and our community."
Doug Chloupek CEO MedMar Healing Center
Holistic and Healing
At MedMar Healing Center, we provide alternative healing resources to meet the needs of each individual. In addition to our large inventory of medical marijuana and related products, we feature two different massage instruments that provide relief for different ailments.
Our aqua massage bed uses heat and the comfortable pressure of Jacuzzi jets to massage tense or uncomfortable areas, including backs and legs. For spinal pains, we feature a massage instrument known as a spinal articulator that gently, yet effectively, realigns your vertebrae and provides a relaxing deep tissue massage to yield the greatest result.
CannAcademy is a revolutionary learning facility that instructs and certifies cannabis growers in the fine art of cannabis production. The lead instructor, Jade Kine, has personally managed the propagation of more than one million new cannabis plants and flowered over 60,000 of those for production into medical cannabis.
Reviews and Testimonials - What People Are Saying About MedMar
3/9/2011 Katie - San Jose –Yelp “MedMar Healing Center is a wonderful place to go for your medicine & kindness. Budtenders Laurie & Michael a thousand thank yous for your patience & knowledge. The Double Berry Kush is an amazing India & very beautiful & effective. Sometimes they have granddaddy purple in & that is so spectacular as well. Both these strains help very effectively with insomnia, migraines, and chronic pain. CannAcademy School is located at MedMar. I have taken a class there & learned allot about different aspects of growing & what all is involved. Jade is an excellent & outgoing teacher with tons of knowledge. Everyone that has a doctor’s recommendation go check it out. Big Smiles Go To MedMar!!!!!!”
3/8/2011 Craig - Mountain View, CA – Yelp “This club has all the essential elements; good selection, good service- including Community Service and location, location, location.  I refer people to this spot because it is easy to get to and close to the train.  I love being a part of this healing community and doing good work in the community.  I enjoyed working with the owners on the Creek Clean Up project- it made me feel real good and we did good for the community.  Great Meds, Great Ownership and staff and Great Location”
MedMar Healing Center a San Jose Cannabis Club
170 S. Autumn St. San Jose, CA 95126
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Tel: 408.385.9600